SmartERP Partner Programs


There are school, colleges and universities across the country . And we know the fact, the bigger the team the greater will be the speed to expand the business in the market. In order to serve the schools across the country we have designed a business partnership plan that offers its Partners – A Long Term Income Plan with an incentive to expand their market offerings, enhance revenue and increase their competitive advantage. Smart ERP offers its partners complete support to enhance sales and product implementation. Thus, it becomes profitable alliance for everyone involved in this business model as it gives maximum benefits ensuring business success..


A referral partner is a business associate who recommends a particular company and its services in exchange for something of value. This partnership option is for those who are having good connections in education field , however don't have enough time to go and promote the product. Referral partner can leverage their connections and encash their contacts by generating potential leads to promote Smart ERP in educational institutions. All the leads shared by referral partner will be approached by our dedicated sales team to close the business deal. Once there is a business deal done, referral partner will get their revenue share on the same.


Strategic Partnership program is for those who will be a part of the process from generating the leads to finalizing the deal . Here the partner will play a key role in each and every step of the process. Strategic partner will get detailed product training and business knowledge to successfully build and grow good customer base in this domain.

During the initial phase of the business, the company will help Strategic partner to conduct remote demo with clients, help in pricing negotiation or client queries to close business deals. After few deals, once strategic partner become expert and gains confidence in selling our product and grow the business. Strategic partner can leverage our branding and digital presence to grow customer base.

Partnership Benefits

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