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About SmartERP

SmartERP is a compressive school management software solution for all educational institutions. SmartERP designed and developed by SMART EDUCATIONS manages all the facts of any educational institute. SmartERP is a simple and easy-to-use school administration software that helps schools to automate various critical operations like admissions, fee management, student records, examination, timetable, library management and results management etc..

SmartERP is created with users in mind. Anyone with basic knowledge in computers can use SmartERP. It is Web-based online ERP system designed with the end user's comfort in focus. SmartERP fulfills all requirements of any educational institute. SmartERP will remarkably reduce school manual work, that will help you in running your organization smoothly.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System


Open for customization to suit the needs and requirements of your institution.

Mobile Version

This version enables the parents to get information related to their child’s attendance, home work, time table, fee deposits, exam results in real time on their mobile phones.

Easy Implementation

With Smart Educations streamlined methodology ERP can be implemented in half the time and at a fraction of a cost of traditional ERP systems.

Web Based

Web Based ERP software is reputed to be less expensive, easier and quicker to implement and easier to maintain.

Multiple Login

The software is having role based login system. The separate login ID and password are allotted for students, parents and teachers to access the details. Through these logins one can see what they are authorized to see.

Secure Database

SmartERP ensures exclusively private and secure database by restricting unauthorized access and use, by implementing strong access and data management controls.